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P-75 The development and evaluation of a discussion guideline as a tool for advance care planning in palliative care with a delphi study
  1. Susanne Haller1 and
  2. M Schnell2
  1. 1Elisabeth-Kübler-Ross-Akademie® Für Bildung Und Forschung Des Hospiz Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
  2. 2Institut Für Ethik Und Kommunikation Im Gesundheitswesen an Der Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany


Background Palliative Care is an approach that seeks to improve the quality of life for patients and their families, for those facing a terminal illness. Palliative Care is being increasingly perceived as a discipline and becoming an integral part of the health and social systems. Preventive measures and requirement planning are important elements in the Palliative Treatment mission. Advance Care Planning (ACP) is prevailing as more and more of an international concept. ACP derived from procedural, repetitive end-of-life conversations, whose results have influenced preventive measures and current treatment plans. The focus is on the observance and adherence to the individual needs of patients.

Aim The study evaluated a discussion guide (dialogue guide), which can be used as a tool for ACP.

Methods The Delphi study was conducted with two rounds of questioning. A draft of the discussion guide was presented to an anonymous group and was reviewed for content, relevance, and validity.

Results The dialogue guide, which was received in the Delphi-process, has been evaluated as an appropriate tool for ACP in Palliative Care.

Discussion The relevance of the Guide has been confirmed. Use of this guide is dependent on the current situation, the knowledge and experience of the user, but also by the institutional conditions.

Conclusion The developed dialogue guide can be used as a discussion guide for ACP in Palliative Care. A discussion on the use and practicality in patient care must follow.

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