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P-11 Advance planning in the context of a psychiatric acute care hospital: Acceptance of a trialogical pilot project
  1. R Weizel,
  2. M Witzmann,
  3. G Schleuning,
  4. R Schmidmeier,
  5. N Marstrander,
  6. S Appelt and
  7. N Schrenk
  1. Kliniken Des Bezirks Oberbayern – Kommunalunternehmen Kbo, Germany


Background With all the legislative changes (patients’ rights law, decisions of the German constitutional court on forces medication) taking place at the moment, Advance Care Planning and medical treatment agreement are becoming particularly topical.

At the Clinics of Upper Bavaria representatives of the clinics, the organised relatives and those affected developed the pilot project «medical treatment agreement» in a trialogical process.


  • to test and enhance the processes associated with the medical treatment agreement

  • to identify and define the target group of patients

  • to reduce coercive actions, compulsory hospizalisation and to promote voluntary treatment


  • The pilot project has been designed as a learning project. The model project is supervised by a trialogical steering committee.

  • The result and quality control within the pilot project will be performed by means of qualitative evaluation.


  • a practical example of a trialogical (psychiatric acute care hospital, relatives and those affected) implementation of the pilot project “medical treatment agreement”

  • experience based treatment recommendations to support the implementation of the medical treatment agreement in a psychiatric acute care hospital

  • a systematic overview of the project’s phases and structures

Discussion/conclusion Advance Care Planning and the medical treatment agreement promote participative decision making as well as mutual confidence building, which is an important process of shared decision making in psychiatric treatment. Using the experience gained from the trialogical pilot project, we will establish the medical treatment agreement in all kbo clinics.

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