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WS-6 Discovering the power of an ACP conversation
  1. Stephanie C Anderson1 and
  2. Sanders F Burstein2
  1. 1Gundersen Health System, La Crosse, WI, USA
  2. 2Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Nashua, New Hampshire


Background What we mean by having “an advance care planning conversation,” in the US has been largely undefined. It is typically driven by laws and regulations regarding advance directive form completion. The consequences are a single, hurried conversation between the healthcare professional and an individual using the form as a checklist of questions quickly answered and documented. The unintended consequences of this approach have been unprepared individuals making uninformed decisions without first exploring their goals, values and beliefs or considering their state of health. A secondary unintended consequence is unprepared healthcare agents unable to adequately fill the surrogate decision making role.

Advance care planning (ACP) as a facilitated process of communication including understanding, reflection and discussion has emerged as an alternative to this failed approach. The Respecting Choices ACP facilitated conversation includes person-centred interactions and shared decision-making with trained professionals in a standardised approach. This approach can be successfully completed in a group (individuals and their healthcare agents) setting as well as individual conversations.

Aim This workshop will be an interactive experience of the ACP facilitated conversation in a group setting. The speakers will discuss advantages and outcomes of this approach. Engaging the audience in portions of an ACP facilitated conversation will lead to understanding how organisational commitment to Respecting Choices ACP facilitation skills training and resources is well worth the investment to achieve a service that enables individuals, their healthcare agent and other loved ones to experience the power of this conversation.

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