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WS-2 Collaboration between health services, acp program coordinators, facilitators, and GPS in the development of a regional acp program: Successful strategies and lessons learned from experiences in geelong and Sydney
  1. Jill Mann1,
  2. Joel Rhee2 and
  3. Kirsty Yates1
  1. 1Barwon Health, Victoria, Australia
  2. 2The University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia; HammondCare, NSW, Australia


Background Conversations regarding a person’s values, goals and treatment decisions are often best facilitated in the absence of acute illness, in a setting that is familiar to the patient. However a successful implementation of ACP in the community setting remains a challenge in many countries and regions.

Aim This workshop aims

  • To present innovative and successful models of integrating ACP program into the community and primary care; and

  • To explore enablers and barriers to successful engagement of key stakeholders and health professionals in a regional ACP program based in the community.

Methods The Barwon Health ACP program in Geelong, Australia will be described as an example of successful and innovative strategies in community implementation of an ACP program. This will be compared and contrasted to an alternate model that is currently being trialled in Sydney, Australia. Large group discussions will explore barriers and enablers to a successful implementation.

Discussion Success is dependent on several factors, especially effective engagement with primary care services. Relationships and endorsement by trusted health care professionals appear to be one of the keys in successfully engaging patients in the community.

Conclusion Barwon Health’s ACP program demonstrates how regional, integrated ACP programs could be successfully implemented in the community. The workshop will provide important insights into how they have achieved their success.

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