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O-99 Lessons from transferring respecting choices to other places in the US
  1. Stephanie C Anderson
  1. Respecting Choices, Gundersen Health System, La Crosse, WI, USA


Topic for submission Setting-specific ACP – strengths and challenges. ACP and Regions

Background Respecting Choices has assisted regions across the U. S. to implement advance care planning (ACP) programs. These implementations have resulted in many lessons learned. The importance of leadership cannot be overstated. Additional lessons include the importance of system development, ACP Facilitator certification, community engagement and continuous quality improvement. Successes have been achieved but not without facing challenges and barriers.

Aim This presentation will concentrate not only on the evidence, but on the experiences and the deeper understanding that has been gained in the process of implementation from regional implementations. Leaders ask questions such as: What do we need to do or be aware of to ensure a successful implementation? How is a regional implementation different from implementing in one organisation or community? What is most difficult, what are the hurdles and barriers? In addition, mistakes and mishaps will be reviewed in order for participants to best comprehend what is needed for success. The speaker will briefly discuss and highlight strengths and challenges of regional implementations while highlighting lessons learned along the way.

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