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O-43 Reflections on becoming a facilitator and a facilitator trainer for the New Zealand 2½ day ACP communication skills courses
  1. Carla Arkless
  1. Presbyterian Support Southland, New Zealand


Background I completed the Level 3 Facilitator training in 2012, allowing me to facilitate the Level 2 ACP communication skills course. I have since completed the Level 4 training, and have been training Level 3 Facilitators and mentoring a second Level 4 trainer.

Aim The aim of this paper is to critically reflect on the process, the lessons I have learnt, and how it has all impacted on Advance Care Planning for patients, colleagues, organisations, and further afield, with a view to answering the question, “Are the outcomes worthy of the time, energy and financial commitment involved?”

Methods I use a framework involving four domains:

  • Personal (thoughts, actions)

  • Interpersonal

  • Contextual (concepts, theory, methods)

  • Critical (political, ethical, social)

Results The impact of the entire training has been far-reaching, ultimately impacting patients, families, colleagues and organisations. The impact goes beyond ACP and end of life care. The ability to empower others and have a more compassionate and efficient approach to healthcare seems to be particularly important.

Discussion The time, energy and financial commitment has been significant; however the benefits have been powerful. I do wonder if it is possible to put a price on such growth and development.

Conclusion It has been a journey of personal growth; but one that has also had a positive impact on those around me, and one that I am hopeful will continue to benefit and influence healthcare, and in particular end of life care, for many years to come.

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