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O-42 Effectiveness of an advance care planning advocates’ training programme in improving healthcare professionals’ perceptions towards advance care planning
  1. Jingfen F Lim,
  2. Andy GH Sim,
  3. LCM Ng,
  4. CY Tang,
  5. PY Tan and
  6. WT Chang
  1. Singapore General Hospital, Singapore


Background Advance Care Planning (ACP) was recently introduced to Singapore in 2010 with the aim of improving the quality of the local healthcare. However, it remains an unfamiliar idea to many. Hence an advance care planning advocates’ training programme was started in a local hospital to equip healthcare professionals with the skills to introduce ACP to patients.

Aim This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the advance care planning advocate training programme in improving healthcare professional’s perceptions towards ACP, and their perceived competency in doing so. This programme aims to increase participant’s motivation to initiate ACP conversations with patients and family.

Methods This study utilises a mixed-method approach. Participants of the training would complete a survey which evaluates their self-perceived competency and perspectives of ACP before and immediately after the training. One month after the training, the same survey will be administered again to track the sustainability of the perception changes resulting from the training. Focus group sessions would subsequently be conducted to provide richer information on how the training has changed or not changed their perceptions.

Results Results of the study are expected to shed light on how the training has influenced participant’s perceptions and self-perceived competency in introducing ACP to patients.

Discussion/conclusion The results would guide how the training could be better improved and implemented, as well as offer insights to how similar trainings could be carried out in future.

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