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O-34 Embedding acp in a national eolc-plan: How the nhs calculates the benefits
  1. Claire Henry
  1. National Council for Palliative Care and Dying Matters Coalition, UK


Background We face the demographic challenges of an ageing population, more complex health and care needs of an older, frailer population as people are living longer. In the UK there is a growing understanding of what is most important to people approaching the end of life through the promotion and adoption of advance care planning (ACP), and recognition that these priorities should direct quality improvement and quality measurement approaches.

Recording and meeting people’s preferences for place of care and place of death, and wishes relating to other elements of care, is an important measure of the quality of end of life care. At present there is limited information about costs and comparable costs of care.

Aim To show the benefits of introducing ACP on a large scale to enable more people to die in a place of their choosing and with their preferred care package.

Methods Case studies highlighting models of implementation.

Show how Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination Systems (EPaCCS) support the communication of people’s wishes and preferences for end of life care.

References to national review and evaluation reports.

The policy context.

Results Better understanding of the approach the UK has taken on taking forward ACP.

Discussion It is essential that we understand the costs of care in order to deliver cost-effective services making best uses of resources, whilst at the same time ensuring people’s wishes and preferences are recorded and met. How do we ensure we achieve the correct balance?

 Conclusion In the UK work is being done to better recognise the needs of the dying person and improve the quality of end of life care. Communication with both the dying person and their carers together with effective planning and co-ordination of services are essential to that end.

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