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O-3 ACP deployment: The new zealand experience
  1. Barry Snow
  1. Auckland District Health Board, Auckland, New Zealand


Background ACP has been actively promoted in New Zealand since 2011 by a range of clinical groups and leaders. Our challenge has been to develop models of governance, training, resources and engagement initiatives that grow capability within the New Zealand health sector while empowering greater community ownership and participation in ACP.

Aim Development of the National ACP Cooperative, resources, training modules and initiatives used to deploy ACP within the primary and secondary health sectors and promote ownership and engagement by the NZ public are described.

Methods Regional and national governance models, health sector engagement, national public promotional campaigns, print and online resource, community and health sector-focused training and other initiatives have all been used.

Results Significant progress has been made in New Zealand. As the concept of ACP has become more widely appreciated by clinicians and the public much of the basic infrastructure has now been deployed.

Discussion ACP represents a fundamental shift in efforts to promote active engagement in health with the NZ public. Acknowledgement of the need to grow public and workforce understanding of ACP has led to a range of innovative initiatives being developed. Central governance is now needed to sustain the changes made and to continue to develop the applicable training and patient-centric service model.

Conclusion A combined approach of developing health sector capability and promoting public understanding and awareness of Advance Care Planning has been a successful model of development in New Zealand.

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