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PA31 Bridging the gap: strengthening relations between faith and hospice. a research project commissioned by hospice uk and together for short lives
  1. Sughra Ahmed
  1. Woolf Institute, UK


Background In an age where communities are becoming increasingly diverse how are Muslim communities (the second largest faith group in the UK) impacted by a lack of engagement with hospice care? How are hospices trying to meet the needs of British Muslim patients (and their relatives) who are coming towards the end of life? Statistics and reports evidence an ageing British Muslim population who will increasingly require the support and services of hospice care. This project will go some way in enabling a strong working relationship in order that Muslims can be confident, comfortable and capable of getting in touch with their local hospice and access crucial services such as adult/children’s hospice care. It is also important that hospices are prepared to work with British Muslims holistically using a person-centred approach, and are equipped to do so. The building of these connexions will help to create a dynamic relationship between Muslims and hospices working towards a match between the needs of Muslim communities and the services offered by hospices.

Aim This project, combining both research and practice, will provide both a theoretical and practical understanding of where the challenges and opportunities lie in building a strong and vibrant relationship between hospices and British Muslim in East London.


  • A range of in depth interviews with hospice staff and community individuals/institutions

  • Attending meetings/conferences where hospice care and diversity is explored

  • Host Roundtable with palliative care and faith community experts

  • Extracting, analysing and including feedback from the Community outreach events in London and Manchester

Results Research in progress, to be continued April 2015.

Conclusion TBC.

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