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PA26 Unmet needs and stress among caregivers of bedridden stroke patients in north kerala – a community based study
  1. K Usha
  1. Academy of Medical Sciences, India


Background In developing countries informal care by an unpaid relative is the most prevalent form of long-term care. Being bedridden consumes the victim and the caregiver physically, psychologically, socially and financially. In developing countries, strengthening support for family caregivers is essential to sustain long term health care system. Therefore unmet needs and burdens of family caregivers, including inadequate training, respite, and access to support programs should be studied and addressed.

Aim To study unmet needs of caregivers of stroke patients in the home settings. To study physical, psychological and social stress of these caregivers.

Method Study design: Descriptive Study setting: Four rural panchayats, where home based care is given to bed ridden patients by the palliative team of our medical college.

Sampling design: Convenience sampling study population: Care givers of bedridden stroke patients tool: A semi structured questionnaire

Results Forty caregivers participated in the study. Their mean age was 51 years. Most were wives (15, 37.5%) and daughters (14, 35%). All belonged to low socioeconomic class. Unmet needs were lack of recreation (67%), inadequate sleep (67%), total responsibility (65%), illnesses (53%) and insufficient money (67%). Severe to moderate physical, psychological and social stress was seen in 90%, 87.5% and 70% of caregivers respectively.

Conclusion Services to be aimed primarily at informal caregivers may be designed to increase the level of knowledge and emotional support of caregivers, provide respite, or provide financial benefits as social schemes.

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