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PA11 The dreamers – life, death and dreams
  1. Pippa Wischer
  1. Palliative Care Victoria Inc., Australia


Background Palliative Care Victoria is building community capacity to have end of life conversations.

Aim To create a conversation resource.

Methods In partnership with Pippa Wischer, we published The Dreamers, an exploration of life, death and dreams through interviews and photographs of forty palliative care patients.

Results The Dreamers was an effective advocacy tool during the 2014 Victorian State Election. Palliative care services are using it with patients and families. The photographs are being exhibited at a rural regional gallery with several other galleries expressing interest. Other applications are being explored (e.g. conversation cards).

Conclusion The Dreamers highlights the importance of personal stories in overcoming the taboos around death and the value of the arts to foster community engagement and social change.

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