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OA60 Public health and palliative care mix; a ccpmedicine approach to reverse the overgrowing burden of non-communicable diseases in tanzania
  1. Manase Frank1,
  2. Joel Bwemero2,
  3. Deborah Kalunga3,
  4. Willy Sangu4,
  5. Segella Semeni4,
  6. Mwanahamisi Hamisi4 and
  7. Mwaiselage Julius5
  1. 1The Community Center for Preventive Medicine [CCPmedicine Medical Center] BOX 1034, Dar Es Salaam
  2. 2Muhimbili National Hospital
  3. 3Public Health Specialist Tanzania
  4. 4Ilala Municipality
  5. 5Ocean Road Cancer Institute


Outline of the Talk: The global prevalence of non-communicable diseases has increased persistently affecting developed and developing world. In 2008 alone 14 million premature deaths were reported globally and it is projected to reach 52 million by 2030.

Diagnosis of NCDs in many of the developing countries [including Tanzania] is often made late while the disease progression advances leaving a very limited chance for interventions to yield good health outcomes. A recent study [2011] conducted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on NCDs revealed that, around 16% of people admitted in referral hospitals had diabetes, and 88% had hypertension. The CCPmedicine is a community based private organisation that focuses on promoting healthy behaviour practices through prevention of non-communicable diseases in Tanzania by helping communities to take a leading role to promote their own health through health education, early detection of diseases, and facilitates timely disease interventions CCPmedicine approach to Public Health and Palliative Care mix in addressing the burden of NCDs in low resource countries like Tanzania has recently attracted policy makers, and practices to engage and support Palliative Care Services. In this paper we seek to share our experience of working with the private and public sectors to promote palliative care services in Tanzania.

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