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OA59 Developing an innovative model of palliative care in the community in brazil
  1. Santiago Rodríguez Corrêa,
  2. Carla Mazuko,
  3. Mauro Almeida,
  4. Raul Mendoza Sassi,
  5. Scott A Murray,
  6. Roberto Wenk,
  7. Liliana De Lima,
  8. Geoffrey Mitchell,
  9. Graça Mota Figueiredo and
  10. Eduardo Yanneo
  1. Faculdade de Medicina Da Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande– FAMED/FURG, Brazil


Background Despite a National Policy on Pain and Palliative Care (working since 2002) and the Family Health Strategy (primary care), Brazil does not have a strategy to integrate palliative care in primary care. The Atlas of Palliative Care in Latino America (ALCP-2013) did not find any team working with this mode: a primary care teach working.

Aim Propose a model of palliative care in the Public Health Service of Brazil offered through the Primary Care to community.

Method The Pilot Project is in the city of Rio Grande, south of Brazil, covering the area 29 with 3000 persons. This area has a team with a family physician, a nurse, a technical nurse and 6 Community Agents of Health (persons of area who work directly with population). The team has 3 aims 1) care: identification of possible patients (using the tracking and opinions of community health workers and the area diagnostics) > evaluation using PIG and SPCIT > care according to needs of these patients 2) awareness and needs assessment of the local/area community with ongoing monthly meetings and community engagement 3) awareness of management institutions in the city.

Results The project started in November of 2014 and the first identification found 51 patients. Evaluation and assessment will begins and this number will be reduced. The first local meeting will happen in January/2015.

Conclusion This project seeks to provide a proposal for palliative care offered through primary care in a public health service which does not exist in Brazil.

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