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WA47 Tweets, hashtags and palliative care: a workshop for social media newbies looking to join the digital revolution
  1. Kerrie Noonan
  1. GroundSwell Project, Australia


A recent article in the BMJ highlighted the role of social media has in changing the way we talk about and respond to death and dying. There are so many social media channels do you know which ones are best for communicating about your work? for networking with peers? participating in journal clubs? disseminating research with the international community? What about your local community– how do you increase engagement online to promote your work and events? How can you use social media to source and access interesting content and information about the public health approach?

This workshop is designed as a beginner level and new user workshop and is suitable for anyone wanting to be more active in social media. It is designed specifically to focus on social media in relation to the end of life, palliative care and death care online communities. Bring your social media device – your phone, ipad or computer and we will do the following:

  1. login and practice communicating with other users

  2. develop and implement basic social media goals

  3. apply strategies to increase your engagement and effectiveness on social media

  4. learn simple ways to measure your reach.

Workshop participants will have an opportunity to build confidence and be more effective communicators in social media. You then get to practice your newly learned skills for the remainder of the PHPC Conference.

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