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  1. Janet Cummins1,
  2. Annemarie Joyce1 and
  3. Lisa Gallagher2
  1. 1 5 Boroughs Partnership
  2. 2 Willowbrook Hospice


    The Development of an Integrated Community Advance Care Planning Service across neighbouring Boroughs and its impact on the uptake of End of Life Care Tools.

    Background The first Advance Care Facilitator was introduced in Knowsley in December 2008; the overall purpose of the post was to make quality improvements in the provision of End of Life Care by supporting the development end of life care tools;-The Gold Standards Framework (GSF), Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) and the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP). A second facilitator was taken on in February 2010; both facilitators were employed by 5 Boroughs Partnership. In August 2011 Willowbrook Hospice won a contract to host a Facilitator and Admin Co-ordinator to cover neighbouring St Helens. A proposal was put forward to join forces with Knowsley and Halton to develop an Integrated Community Advance Care Planning Service and in April 2011 agreement was reached for the three areas to work together. Unfortunately Halton pulled out of the agreement but the Partnership between Knowsley and St Helens went ahead.

    Aim The aim was that facilitators would work together – maximising opportunities in an efficient cost effective manner.

    Results In the first 12 months of integration the team delivered education to a total of 1080 people;-

    EOLC tools

    6 steps Care Home Programme

    GSF Care Home Programme

    Opening the Spiritual Gate

    Verification of death

    Syringe Driver training

    Dying Matters – Public Engagement.

    The team conducted the following audits




    EOLC Tools

    Conclusion Integrating services enabled the team to deliver education to a wider group of people in a cost effective manner and audit outcomes in a shorter time than if they had worked separately by sharing and pooling knowledge, skills and resources.

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