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  1. Debbie Jones1,
  2. Margaret McConaghy2,
  3. Chris Haywood3 and
  4. Alison Coackley4
  1. 1 Ward Sister Inpatient Unit, Willowbrook Hospice, Prescot, England
  2. 2 Inpatient Services Manager, Willowbrook Hospice, Prescot, England
  3. 3 Head of Hospice Services, Willowbrook Hospice, Prescot, England
  4. 4 Medical Director, Willowbrook Hospice, Prescot, England


    Background An increase in the complexity of patient's admitted to the Hospice and a greater use of acute interventions had resulted in staff feeling “too busy to care” with less time to provide high quality care. We recognised the need to change working practices to improve patient experience and staff satisfaction. After reviewing possible models and undertaking a scoping exercise, we agreed to implement the NHS Releasing Time to Care: The Productive Ward as a recognised quality initiative. This was previously restricted to hospital and community use, designed to help teams review working practices and minimise inefficient systems. This was supported at Network level in collaboration with 5 other Hospices.

    Aims Increase Time for Caring therefore improving patient experience

    Improve departmental/inter-departmental communication

    Improve patient /staff environment

    Improve staff satisfaction

    Approach used Network support

    Enhanced team working

    Staff and senior management commitment

    Collaborative module implementation training

    Phased roll out

    Evaluation at steering group level

    Outcomes Confirmed network funding in conjunction with other hospices

    Network training and support to empower staff

    Focus on collaborative approach, shared learning experience, making a wider impact than working in isolation

    Transparent care provision using quality measures

    Efficient staff working practices

    Cost effectiveness, efficient use of limited resources

    Improvement in communication across all services and local hospices

    Awareness of the importance of environment; little wins to improve patient care have a positive effect on staff morale

    Improved patient safety and standard of care evidenced by quality measures

    Benefit at local, organisational and network level

    Application to Hospice Practice Improved collaboration and networking

    Useful toolkit that has impacted on time for caring making a difference to patient experience and staff satisfaction


    Supports integrated working

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