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  1. Anna Bowyer1,
  2. Ilora Finlay2,
  3. Anthony Byrne1,
  4. Jacqui McCarthy1,
  5. Emily Harrop1,
  6. Catherine Sampson1,
  7. Veronica Snow3 and
  8. Annmarie Nelson1
  1. 1 Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
  2. 2 Velindre NHS Trust, Cardiff, Wales
  3. 3 Powys Health Board, Wales


    Background The iWantGreatCare (iWGC) questionnaire was developed by the Palliative Care Implementation Board and aims to evaluate palliative care service provision in Wales, through the appraisal of care, as encapsulated in 10 questions and a free text box.

    In order to fully reflect patients' and families' experiences of care, we previously undertook a qualitative analysis of the free text comments of 596 patients and carers, which highlighted areas not fully assessed in the scored results. Following this analysis, we are undertaking a further project to refine the questionnaire to accommodate patients' and carers' priorities and concerns.

    Methods The questionnaire was refined via an expert consensus day with healthcare professionals, researchers and a lay representative, utilising the qualitative free text analysis, and is now being tested using face–to-face, semi-structured, cognitive interviews with patients (n=10) and carers (n=10), who use palliative care services at two hospices in South Wales. The questionnaire comprehensively encompasses the elements of palliative care previously identified as important to patients and carers. Interviews aim to test whether the questions are understandable and pertinent to those completing the questionnaire. Interview transcripts from recorded data are to be analysed using a six phase thematic analysis.

    Results It is expected that the interviews will inform the final questionnaire revision prior to being presented to the Palliative Care Implementation Board for their consideration. The results of these cognitive interviews and the refined questionnaire will be outlined and discussed in this presentation.

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