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020 “Do patients with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on maximal pharmacological therapy with specialist respiratory care benefit from Pharmacy Technician led medication review?”
  1. Lisa Wall-Hayes,
  2. Louise Seager and
  3. Joanne Bartlett
  1. John Taylor Hospice CIC, Birmingham, UK


Introduction John Taylor Hospice runs a 9 week Fatigue, Anxiety & Breathlessness (F. A. B.) programme for patients with end-stage COPD. All patients recruited to the programme were on maximal pharmacological therapy1 with regular input from both community and hospital specialist respiratory teams.

Aim and Objectives To ascertain if Pharmacy Technician led medication reviews would be a valuable addition to the programme.

Method Of the 11 patients recruited to the programme 6 were randomly selected for a domiciliary medication review by the Pharmacy Technician. Issues identified by the review were dealt with either at time of review or if necessary escalated to the appropriate professional for follow up. Interventions were categorised and recorded. Evaluation forms were completed by those receiving a review and a questionnaire was completed by those who had not.

Results 6 medication reviews were completed, 4 of which were in a domiciliary setting, whilst 2 took place at the hospice.

30 interventions were identified of which 13 were dealt with at the time of review, the remaining 17 were escalated.

Main categories of intervention were: Adherence/counselling and prescription issues.

Patient evaluation results: 100% of patients stated that the medication review was helpful, 100% also stated they now felt more confident managing their medication.

Patient feedback questionnaire results: 100% of patients who did not receive a medication review stated they would have found it useful.

Drug cost savings demonstrated: approximately £5602 over 6 months.

Conclusion Patients with end-stage COPD on maximal pharmacological therapy with regular respiratory team involvement, still benefit from a Pharmacy Technician led medication review.

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