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P154 Food and nutrition in a hospice: From audit to action
  1. Eleni Tsiompanou1,2,
  2. Teresa Day1 and
  3. Andrew Knight1
  1. 1Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, UK
  2. 2Kingston Hospital, Kingston, UK


In 2011, Princess Alice Hospice (PAH) participated in the test phase of the Nutrition and Hydration Audit tool which was created jointly by the Help the Hospices Food and Nutrition Group (FNG) and the National Audit Tools Group (NATG)1. Since this pilot audit was completed a number of steps were taken to reach standards that were highlighted by the audit:

  1. A ‘Nutrition Requirements Tool’ was introduced on the ward. Further work has been undertaken to develop this tool.

  2. Understanding the patient experience is at the heart of hospice care. We asked patients on the ward and in Day Hospice to tell us what they thought of our food service. Patients told us that the food and drink service that we provide is excellent. Areas of potential improvement are: protected mealtimes; attending to cultural & religious requirements, allergies and intolerances, special diets; giving written information re: food service; menus and food portions.

  3. We provided regular teaching/training sessions for internal and external staff and volunteers. Our training enables healthcare professionals to become more involved in establishing nutrition as part of the patient’s care plan and actively listen to patients and carers, offering support for their needs in relation to foods and lifestyle.

  4. An eight-week support and education programme for patients and carers was designed in Day Hospice, offering up-to-date information from our multi-disciplinary team on nutrition and diet, lifestyle and symptom control.

  5. Our Nutrition Steering Group meets to promote the role of the multidisciplinary approach to nutritional management and care of our patients.

Princess Alice Hospice is committed to delivering safe and high quality nutritional care to people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers. We are keen to share our results and experience with others and to improve further our service.

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