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P153 Service User Group (SUG) - From inception to beyond
  1. Doreen Thompson
  1. Willen Hospice, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


Background To establish a SUG giving patients, carers, staff and members of the public opportunity to engage in improving hospice services.

Involvement covers a range of activities, from consulting service users about their views in partnership, to aid the development of projects or services.

Ensures the views of patients, carers and the public are listened to, ensuring that we continue to maintain excellence within our service now and into the future.

Aims and objectives

  • SUG established to enable the hospice to provide evidence of consultation on matters directly related to patient care.

  • SUG involved in consultation on available information for service users.

  • Review and approve production of literature to ensure service users receive relevant information.

  • SUG involved in fund raising and promotion of hospice services.

  • SUG ensures service users input into service provision, promoting standards of excellence in patient care

Approach used

  • IPU Sister identified as project lead.

  • Advertised to promote development of Service User Group. Invited participants to join via appropriate communication channels.

  • Guest speaker utilised to drive engagement.

Outcomes The SUG is involved in decision making on hospice improvements and have participated in workshops with a local Cancer Network Group. A service user and the Network group leader were key speakers at the group conference. The SUG have worked on patient feedback and audit tools and information leaflets for patients and families.

The SUG were runners-up in the Patient Experience Network (P. E. N.) awards 2012.

SUG has forged links with the local Hospital patient partnership forum. Representatives attend the meetings of both groups.

With a diverse, growing local population the SUG helps to reflect our local community needs. Their unique input helps the organisation see new perspectives on service development.

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