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P79 Using SBAR to enhance the Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting (MDTM)
  1. Maddy Bass
  1. St Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston, United Kingdom


SBAR is a quality and service improvement tool developed by the NHS Institution for Service Innovation & Improvement. It has been designed to streamline conversations between health and social are professionals, ensuring relevant, succinct information is shared.

At St Mary’s Hospice there was not a recognisable MDT meeting. Although in-patients were discussed weekly, it was called a “communication meeting”, with little structure or outcome. On joining the organisation in 2012, I carried out a “snapshot” survey of the current MDT meeting and found that it lacked structure, outcomes, was very physically focussed, and did not include full MDT discussion. In October I wrote up my findings, stressing the positives as well as the challenges. This was shared with staff at one of these communication meetings. The response of all staff was very supportive.

I therefore devised an MDTM based on SBAR. This had been used in my previous place of work for MDT meetings but I further developed this into specific documentation, and planning paperwork (this will be shared at the conference). “Situation” covers patient information such as diagnosis, family tree, reason for referral and input; background includes relevant medical history, events leading up to referral, any other holistic issues; assessment includes what has been found / assessed since involvement, including advance care planning; recommendations include the plan of care.

The new format began trial in February and will continue until July 2013. It will then be audited: this will include staff surveys, audit of how the documentation has been utilised, and a full review. Details will be included at the conference, if this is accepted.

Early feedback shows increased attendance by the MDT, patients from all departments now being discussed, clearer documentation informing succinct relevant discussion, and clear being plans made each week for patients discussed.

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