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P78 Clinical leaders forum - “This is place where I always feel heard, I love the energy of our meetings”
  1. Karen Clarke1 and
  2. Tricia Wass2
  1. 1St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Eastbourne, Eastbourne, UK
  2. 2Tricia Wass Associates, 39 Hollingbury Road, Brighton, UK


Background The forum reflects an aspiration to bring the patients’ voice into strategic developments through greater engagement of front-line clinical staff with senior decision makers in an innovative and interactive way.


  • Create an open, participative culture that seeks to improve strategic decision making by integrating professional clinical practice into strategy.

  • Demystify and model senior level/ strategic decision making

  • Capitalise on the benefits of integrating disciplines, working across departments and breaking down hierarchy.

Approach Facilitated monthly gatherings; involving CEO, Directors, Doctors, Nurses and AHP’s, were set up in 2009. Facilitation used to ensure: ample time for differing views to be heard; an open environment to discuss both challenging and/or controversial issues; and time to thoroughly explore topics. A stable membership has created a trusting environment where other colleagues including volunteers have been invited if the topic requires wider participation.

A forum, not a meeting, promotes information exchange and enables some distillation of thinking whilst encouraging strategic leaders to consider and remain grounded in clinical practice and encouraging clinical managers to think strategically.

The forum was reviewed in 2011 and again in 2013 resulting in new and increased membership and some changes to the running of the forums.


  • Catalyst for change

  • An integrated and transparent business planning and strategic decision making process

  • Closer collaboration between Trustees and Clinical leaders.

Application This forum enables the hospice to achieve the top four key operating principles contained within the Commission’s “Preparing for the future: Key operating principles”: We have developed our strategic leadership, and improved the capabilities of the workforce, while using our discussions at the forum to inform rigorous strategic analysis. Finally, our innovative and inclusive approach has enabled us to think beyond what we currently do and positively influence our culture.

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