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P69 Recruiting our workforce using value based interviewing
  1. Rachel Power
  1. Richard House Children’s Hospice, Beckton, United Kingdom


National research and enquires have highlighted a gap between the espouced values within care environments and the quality of care people receive. Richard House recognises the relationship between high quality care and the values and attitudes of staff and volunteers.

Richard House implemented value based interviewing (VBI) as part of our recruitment process in 2012 to seek to ensure that the values of Richard House are reflected in the day to day care and support it provides to children, young people and their families.

Core values were drawn up by the staff and volunteers who also helped develop the positive and negative indicators.

Value Based Interviewing is underpinned by robust research and it has been proven this interviewing method facilitates the recruitment of people more aligned with organisational values and behaviours and helps recruit high performing and effective staff and volunteers.

VBI has been used and established in a number of organisations including the NSPCC. It has been shown to effectively identify candidates who are a “better fit” for Richard House and therefore the right people to support the service for children young people and their families.

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