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P66 Developing and supporting management and leadership within a hospice
  1. Joanna Kennedy1,
  2. Pam McClinton2,
  3. Joette Thomas1 and
  4. Duncan Wallace1
  1. 1Animate, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  2. 2North London Hospice, London


This abstract outlines the innovative way the North London Hospice sought to improve the effectiveness of all of its leadership and management practice using values as a bedrock.

From 2011 – 2013, the Animate team developed and ran a management development programme for all 31 managers from across. The purpose of the programme was to provide an integrated learning opportunity that strengthened the skills, understanding and effectiveness of the management of the Hospice

The design of the programme paid attention to the environment in which the staff worked. A wide variety of issues were raised for them which had implications for creating a system of management and leadership which truly integrates core values throughout the organisation and into all aspects of care.

The programme enabled participants to analyse their own experience using a collection of theories and frameworks, which deepened their understanding of their role. It addressed the particular management challenges of working in hospice setting where staff are mostly highly motivated, passionate, inclined to work very hard and exposed to a high degree of emotion in the course of their day. It included both opportunities to reflect through action learning and focused action planning.

Six months after the end of the programme the Executive Team were seeing the impact on management practice. They were noticing managers broadening and adapting their leadership styles to suit different situations. They also observed tools and frameworks being successfully used to analyse difficult problems and plan new initiatives. They were seeing managers being more confident and clearer about what their role involved. The greatest impact was on opening up and deepening learning across departments, disciplines and teams.

Animate has now teamed up with the North London Hospice to design and deliver programmes in other hospices tailoring the content to meet particular contexts.

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