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P65 Developing a culture of good leadership and management
  1. Lynn Kelly and
  2. Stephen Greenhalgh
  1. St Catherine’s Hospice, Preston, United Kingdom



  • Little interaction between managers across different directorates

  • No sense of ‘team’ amongst managers

  • Lack of consistent approach and varying degrees of management experience


  • Set standard for leadership & management amongst middle managers

  • Raise confidence of managers in dealing with staff performance

  • Develop team working across departments

  • Enable managers to contribute to and deliver the Hospice 5 year plan

Approach Used

  • Researched suitable providers, developed partnership with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Leadership and Organisational Development Team

  • Training Needs Analysis - rated confidence across different leadership and management areas and then prioritised for development.

  • Key components:

    • 7.5 days of group training

    • Leadership & Management Situational Judgement Test

    • Self-assessment against NHS Leadership Framework

    • 1–2-1 with advisor

    • Group project work / presentation

    • Impact evaluation (due June 2013)

    • ILM Level 5 qualification


  • ‘The difference in the first Management Team meeting following the course was tangible and exciting. Colleagues were more confident, open and prepared to actively challenge and contribute. I came away greatly encouraged by the credible difference which entirely justifies the investment that we made into establishing an Education Team that can sharpen our business effectiveness at every level just at a time when we need it most!’ Stephen Greenhalgh, CEO

  • In my directorate, confidence in their own ability springs to mind, they have been committed to the appraisal scheme and cascading from the business plan to performance plans”Lorraine Charlesworth, Director of Income Generation

  • “My attendance on the Management course assisted me to reflect on my Management style and enabled me to increase delegation to my staff. It also improved my working relationship with my line Manager and other Managers on the programme.” - Cheryl Scott, FamilySupportTeam Manager

  • “One of the most practically useful courses I’ve ever been on - combined theoretical and applied knowledge made the content easily transferable to the workplace. I have already implemented many changes within my team." Katie Russell-Paddison , HeadofAdmin

  • Key Operating Principles

  • Developing leadership for a new era

  • Developing the hospice workforce

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