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P63 Fit for the future…. Empowering an organisation through strategy delivery
  1. Roslyn Neely
  1. Children’s Hospice Association Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


Background The organisation has created a visionary strategy to position them as an influential, leading paediatric palliative care provider in Scotland, the UK and beyond. In creating this, there was an opportunity to truly engage with all those involved in the organisation; reflecting visions and hopes for the future through collaboration and consultation. Children, young people and families using the services; trustees, staff and volunteers were consulted through a series of focus groups, externally facilitated to maximise objectivity. This was the starting point for a dynamic ongoing strategic planning process to ensure the organisation is in a strong position to meet the changing needs of babies, children, young people and their families in a changing political and financial landscape.

Method A number of sessions were held to explore what the future might hold for the organisation over the next ten years. This has included exploring the changing needs of the children, young people and families who will use the service; considering new ways of delivering care, skill mix review, the hospice environment, income and expenditure projections, the political landscape, policy and partnership working with statutory and voluntary organisations.

Outcomes Two years on and the resulting strategic plan is delivering measurable outcomes which are positively impacting on the care and support being given to families. The organisation has also influenced the development of a Framework for the Delivery of Palliative Care for Children and Young People (2013). Staff, volunteers and service-users are motivated, guided and empowered by the plan. The plan has raised awareness of the organisation within health and local authority networks, resulting in increased referrals and funding.

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