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P55 Palliative Care Master Class Series for GP’s
  1. Ho Debbie,
  2. Dr Kate Tredgett and
  3. Jill Beckhelling
  1. Prospect Hospice, Swindon, UK


Introduction A key strategic priority for the Hospice is extending the reach of its influence to more people facing the end of life. Key to this is its collaboration with GPs across its community. Following a needs assessment, an alignment with the local Education Trust (SET) was formed and a bespoke Master Class Series for GP’s developed. SET is the local coordinator and communicator of education for 170 GP members.

Aims Year 1: 30% GPs to attend at least 1 session and 10% to attend 2 or more.

Over 3 year period for 70% GPs to attend at least 1 session and 40% to attend 2 or more.

Method A rolling programme of three 2 hour educational sessions commenced in 2012:

  1. ‘Amitriptyline to Zomorph via Oxycodone and beyond’ - Successful pain management in palliative care

  2. ‘Managing your 1%’ - How to optimise care for your patients in the last year of life including advance care planning, DNAR, and services available to support GP’s.

  3. ‘Achieving a successful home death’ - The ‘how to’ guide for general practitioners including syringe driver conversions, just in case medications, ethical dilemmas and services available

Sessions were designed to be cumulative with concepts revisited and developed to reinforce learning. Case based and interactive, sessions provided opportunities for sharing experience, questions and reflection. Sessions ran on several occasions, and were free of charge.

Results Sessions were evaluated using a ‘reaction’ feedback form. Two months after the course GPs were sent a structured impact assessment form on which to provide an account of one occasion when they have applied the knowledge acquired during the course. Completing part 2 of the evaluation extended CPD credits from 2 to 4 per session.

The target attendance for year 1 has been exceeded and evaluation by GPs has been excellent.

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