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P37 The 100% project
  1. Roslyn Neely
  1. Children’s Hospice Association Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


Background There is anecdotal evidence that families who have a child with a life-limiting condition experience isolation and stress because people avoid engaging with them about issues around death, dying and bereavement. Scotland has a number of organisations who are now focusing on how to encourage a societal shift in attitudes. As a children’s palliative care organisation, there is a responsibility to families to contribute to this work.

The 100% Project is a community engagement project which aims to start conversations about death, dying and bereavement in a life-affirming way.

Aim The 100% Project comprises a range of events and social media activities which aims to:

  • Promote positive attitudes to death, dying and bereavement

  • Tackle the silence and isolation experienced by those affected by death, dying and bereavement

  • Raise awareness amongst those involved with the organisation, including service users, staff, volunteers, the public; and develop people’s skills and confidence in this area

  • Promote community involvement with and understanding of issues relating to life-shortening conditions

Approach The 100% Project will build gradually towards more difficult conversations around death and dying, by starting with a range of accessible, non-challenging activities. These include a social media poll to decide Scotland’s Top Tear-jerker film; as well as engaging individuals in submitting uplifting pictures, quotes and stories. The 100% Book Club aims to generate conversations, bringing small groups together in local communities. In partnership with Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, “Before I Die Walls” will generate positive publicity about the campaign across Scotland.

Outcomes and Implications for Practice It is hoped that this project will reduce the misconceptions that surround children’s hospice care, and contribute to a national conversation in Scotland about Death, Dying and Bereavement, ultimately improving quality of life for families.

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