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P26 ESV is just the start
  1. Karen Filsell and
  2. Gillian Levy
  1. Children’s Hospice Association Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


Introduction The organisation has been involved for some time with Employer Supported Volunteering. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of requests for Employer Supported Volunteering projects. At the same time, the fundraising team was tasked with further developing corporate relationships.

Aims The aims were to:

  • develop a more professional response,

  • develop creative and interesting opportunities

  • use ESV as a springboard for further engagement with companies.

Methods The Voluntary Services and Corporate Relationships teams developed an approach which included clear policy and procedures and a project bank across the organisation. All enquires are channelled through the Corporate Relationships team, and visits to companies are made before and after each activity to manage expectations and develop the relationship further.

Activities in the hospices include gardening, wrapping Christmas presents, and putting up or taking down Christmas decorations. Whilst in retail ESV volunteers became involved in window dressing challenges, as secret shoppers, or taking part in sorting challenges which are also involve the collection of donated goods from the participating company.

The Fundraising team also seek support from companies with bucket shakes, bag packs, and marshalling at large events.

Outcomes Outcomes from the project include:

  • Completion of much needed organisational projects, eg development of play areas, sorting of stock for retail

  • Stronger, more productive partnerships with companies

  • Long term relationships - companies want to come back

  • Individuals becoming regular volunteers

Conclusion The organisation is committed to further investment in this work and acknowledges that developing these relationships takes time and energy. The organisation has benefited greatly from creative and engaging projects that have provided benefit to children, young people and families and have helped develop strong corporate partnerships through volunteering.

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