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P24 TESSERA and beyond
  1. Jannette Smith1,2 and
  2. Julia O’Neill1
  1. 1Hospice Care for Burnley and Pendle, Burnley, Lancashire
  2. 2East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust


For the past 10 years, Pendleside have made one of their Day Therapy days available to non palliative patients. The day referred to as Early Diagnosis Day (EDD) was essentially aimed at patients with a recent cancer diagnosis being treated with curative intent.

Whilst the EDD was innovative and popular initially, more lately it had become stagnated and predicable. It was also recognised that it was not fully in line with the work being done locally and nationally which has “survivorship” as a key element.

Patients were consulted and responded enthusiastically to the ideas suggested for service improvement. Indeed the TESSERA name was chosen by a patient group.

It is acknowledged that a cancer diagnosis can be shattering and life changing. With appropriate support patients can and do rebuild their lives. It was on this basis that the name was chosen. A Tessera is an individual tile used in creating a mosaic. Which was thought to be an ideal representation of rebuilding in the finest form.

TESSERA: Together,







TESSERA offers an eight week rolling programme of activities, presentations and interactive workshops delivered by outside agencies in addition to Hospice and Trust staff. This is further complemented by peer and healthcare support including an extended MDT.

The day runs from 10am – 3pm.

Sessions are offered using a menu ‘pick and mix’ system. Attendance can be one session or a full day (and anything in between). Graduated arrival enables higher patient flow.

Exercise classes, Tai Chi, Emotional Wellbeing and Fatigue Management groups are timetabled as fixed sessions. These all contribute to the ultimate aim of empowering patients to regain a lifestyle that is enriched both emotionally and physically.

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