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  1. L Jones1,
  2. S Burgess2 and
  3. M Seal1
  1. 1Respecting Patient Choices® Central Adelaide Local Health Network, South Australia
  2. 2Aboriginal Health Central Adelaide Local Health Network, South Australia


Background Aboriginal Community Health Worker Shane Burgess was employed in 2010 as a Project Officer for the Respecting Patient Choices programme under the Ambulatory and Primary Health Care Directorate. Shane realised that raising awareness throughout the Aboriginal community about the importance of advance care planning requires organisations and staff to have appropriate resources. He hoped such resource might help overcome the great dilemmas around health decisions and moving from country.

Aim To produce a culturally appropriate resource for the Aboriginal Community around advance care planning.

Methods Shane met with Aboriginal Health Workers and made `well received' progress with the vision for an ‘Advance care yarning’ booklet.

Consultation with Aboriginal Health Care Workers about the booklet was favourable. The regional media team assisted with the booklet formatting, using a beautiful painting by Aboriginal artist Marlene from Alice Springs. Permission has been obtained for longevity of images used.

Results A Booklet was published with the approval of Aboriginal people and senior Aboriginal Management in Health. Language, artwork and photographs were changed to appeal specifically to the Aboriginal Community

Discussion The RPC Advance Care Planning booklet (Austin Health) was modified to relate to both remote and metropolitan Aboriginal communities. Over 2000 copies have been requested from Aboriginal services and other health services across Australia. The booklet is utilised in current training and development programmes

Conclusion A tool is now provided where there was a gap for engaging and informing Aboriginal people about advanced care planning for Advanced Care Directives.

The booklet has been well received and has been republished.

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