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  1. Sarah Nandaula1
  1. 1Hospice Africa Uganda


Involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS in the continuum care

Introduction In fulfilling the mission, hospice provides care package that includes holistic assessment counselling, medical care and also provides support in terms of antiretroviral therapy. Home based care, social support, nutrition support, capacity building and advocacy are also given by Hospice Africa

Description Group therapy composed of people living with HIV/AIDS and cancer and the entire gather around and sensitise the rest of patients still in denial land also educate the public on cancer and HIV/AIDS care, support and prevention through dancing, drama, making crafts and sharing life experience. Clients representatives, who are members of centre advisory committees and board of trustees, are involved in care of clients in the community. Palliative care is done by these clients reps in their communities and families are taught by home based teams and groups to families. Emotionally they are counselled spiritual support is also given and pain relief given by medical personnel. Clients are empowered to reveal their status by teaching them about disclosure both to family members and to their children. Families are advised to visit their patients frequently and encouraged them every day by telling them how much they have improved.

Lessons Learnt Support structures are useful in proper management of palliative care—the family structures and relatives including counselling are necessary for palliative care. Nutritional support, spiritual support and pain managements very important in palliative care.

Recommendations People living with HIV/AIDS should always include palliative care in their role as caregivers. The best person to understand how it feels like to be very sick is the one who has been through the same situation so care structures should make use of these people.

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