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Afternoon Breakout 3—Mini Oral Sessions
  1. K Tatlow1
  1. 1Eastern Palliative Care, VIC, Australia


Background and Aim All people have the right to receive high-quality care; to be offered Advance Care Planning (ACP) opportunities and to have a dignified death in line with their spiritual and psychosocial wishes.

With the recent dissemination of the National Framework for Advance Care Directives, it was timely that Eastern Palliative Care Association Incorporated (EPC) strengthen its ACP approach and develop a clearer process for it within its service.

Method A reference group was conducted that emphasised the need to produce something relevant to the needs of community palliative care clients. Staff expressed the desire for a ‘kit’ of resources that could be utilised according to client need.

Following extensive research and consultation with other services, a Resource Kit was designed.

Results The Kit contains a staff guide; information brochure; conversation tools; legal forms and Statement of Wishes form.

The conversation tools include the Coda Alliance ‘GoWish cards’ and EPC's ‘My Values, My Wishes prompt booklet’. These tools can be a less intrusive way of facilitating sensitive conversations.

The Statement of Wishes form was designed to ensure clients' psychosocial and spiritual needs are included at the onset.

Discussion and Conclusion EPC's ACP Resource Kit is a unique and innovative step forward in facilitating ACP with palliative clients, by incorporating aspects of care that are most important to them. A recent staff evaluation after 6 months in use, indicated that the kit ‘opened doors’ in assisting client's to reflect on and communicate things that they previously were unable to do.

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