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Implementing the LCP ICU Version 12 across a regional critical care network
  1. Dawn Parsons1,
  2. Maureen Gambles2 and
  3. Laura Chapman1
  1. 1Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, Liverpool, UK
  2. 2Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute Liverpool, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK


A pilot project is currently underway within the 11 intensive care units within the Mersey an Cheshire Critical Care Network (MCCCN) to implement the recently developed Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient in Intensive Care Version 12 (LCP ICU). Funded by the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network, this project will provide a mechanism to support units to robustly implement and sustain the LCP ICU Version 12.

Aim To implement LCP ICU Version 12 into 11 sites with the MCCCN to ensure that: •Appropriate processes and policies are in place to support care in the last hours or days of life •Staff are appropriately educated and trained to deliver that care •A mechanism for the on-going collection/sharing of data (to promote and sustain the delivery of quality care into the future) is developed The Project involves the identification of Key Champions within each participating site who will take responsibility locally for the implementation process. They will be supported by the Project LCP ICU Facilitator to deliver robust education and training to staff and to facilitate and monitor the implementation process. Key Champions will meet monthly with the LCP ICU Facilitator to discuss progress and to share challenges and opportunities. Contextual organisational information from each unit will be collected prior to and post implementation. Alongside this, data from LCP ICUs completed within each site during the project will be collated and analysed descriptively to provide a comparative benchmark of care delivery across the network. Key Champions and the LCP ICU Facilitator will keep reflective diaries throughout the process, which will be analysed thematically to derive an understanding of the process of implementation, including facilitating factors, barriers and challenges. Findings from all facets of data collection will be presented, discussing the implications for wider implementation of the LCP ICU Version 12.

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