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Revolving scheme/cash round scheme at hospice Africa Uganda
  1. Lisa Christine Irumba and
  2. Octivia Evelyn
  1. Nazziwa Hospice Africa Uganda, Kampala, Uganda


Introduction Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU) was started as a catalyst to encourage the spread of palliative care for cancer patients and later also those with HIV/AIDS to improve their quality of life and reduce suffering. In addition, HAU is a model for African countries in clinical palliative care. It operates in a 20km radius from the site. Offers a daily out-patients, home visits, outreach clinic and a community day care.

Problem Statement During that challenging time when the patients are very sick and there is no food in a home, especially when the sick are the bread winners, HAU provides some nutritional support, transport refunds and provision of basic needs. With that, patients are comfortable enough and in future when they get stronger and stable they want to continue getting that support, therefore getting very dependent.

Project Description Patients attending day care through group therapy identified the need to start up small businesses through monthly cash round to help them meet their needs for example, school fees, and they could do this through small businesses for example, selling tomatoes, small poultry farm, mat making, charcoal selling. Patients have to be co-managed by HAU and palliative care community volunteers for easy follow up.

Conclusion Discussions are still going on how best this activity can be continued. There is now less dependence of patients who have the small businesses.

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