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Supporting staff wellbeing within the MND team
  1. Barbara Powell
  1. Christina Faull LOROS Hospice, Leicester, UK


Background Caring for patients with MND is an emotional intense area of care. Little attention has been paid to the needs of staff for support and other ways to avoid stress and burnout. Phase 1: Assessing the need A questionnaire was sent to all members of the care team, including the core MDT, who support patients and carers in the outpatient clinic, in the community, in hospice IPU and day unit. (46 responses) The questionnaire sought comment on the difficulties of caring for people with MND, the perceived need for support of some sort and the response to suggested types of support. Phase 2: Acting on the findings. Two actions are underway: First an education and staff development task group has been brought together to develop and appropriate action plan. Secondly we have now had three out of four TIME OUT sessions for the core MDT. Each 3 h session has had two parts: a reflection of patients who have died and a focus on personal wellbeing. An after death analysis tool has evolved to provide key information to assist reflection on the care we have provided. Four different approaches were chosen to focus on personal wellbeing, each having different facilitators; • Mindfulness • Laughing Yoga • Expressive Art • Soul Space Phase 3: Conclusion: Feedback has been encouraged after each session. Overall evaluation of the usefulness and benefits of the TIME OUT program will take place after session four (November 2011).

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