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Poster Number 142 – 184 – Pain & symptom management: Poster No: 166
Metastatic spinal cord compression in Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust
  1. Hannah Gunn
  1. Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle, UK


Background NICE guidelines regarding the diagnosis and management of metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) were issued in November 2008.1 These guidelines were incorporated into the process of National Cancer Peer Review Programme for Acute Oncology in 2011.2

Aims Prospective data collection regarding number of patients, as well as source and time of referral of patients in NuTHFT with suspected MSCC over a 6 week period. The subsequent audit will look at standard of management of suspected MSCC patients in NuTHFT against national guidelines.

Method MSCC audit group established from leads of department in oncology, neurosurgery, spinal orthopaedics and palliative care.

Survey An online form on the NuTHFT intranet for the initial survey. which was completed by clinicains across involved specialites. Data was then analysed and cross-referenced with various other sources of data collection. Audit: The patients identified by the survey were used as a cohort to audit current NuTHFT practices against national guidelines for management of suspected MSCC.

Survey 55 patients were identified by the survey. Pain and neurological deficit were of equal prevalence as presenting feature. 45% of referrals came from hospitals other than NuTHFT, 31% were from within NuTHFT and 14% were from primary care. 47% were referred during working hours and 42% were referred out of hours. 70% of patients identified through varies sources were recorded on the online survey.

Audit Data will be presented Conclusion: Management of MSCC poses a management challenge given the diversity of specialities involved and the complexity of the co-ordination of management of such patients. Use of an online form can centralise data collection and provide significant amounts of data.

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