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Priorities for global research into children's palliative care: a Delphi study
  1. Julia Downing1,2 and
  2. Joan Marston3
  1. 1ICPCN, UK
  2. 2Makerere University, Uganda, South Africa
  3. 3ICPCN, South Africa


Objectives There is a need to develop an evidence base for children's palliative care globally. A review of children's palliative care in SSA highlighted a lack of evidence which can be seen globally. There is a need for evidence, guidelines on best practice and opportunities for collaboration. The research needs are great therefore the International Children's Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) is undertaking a Delphi study to identify the priorities for global research into children's palliative care which will have the greatest impact on quality of life.

Method Following a review of the literature, a research protocol was developed and submitted for IRB approval. The study is in four phases: Phase 1 – identifying a base line list of priority areas for research into children's palliative care: Phase 2 – identifying a list of participants from around the world; Phase 3 – the Delphi process where participants will rate areas for research in terms of priority, these will be reviewed followed by further rounds of Delphi as appropriate. Phase 4 – analysis of the ratings and finalisation of the priorities for Global research.

Results The Delphi process is currently underway and will be completed by the end of 2011. Results will be shared, along with the implications for practice.

Conclusion The priorities for global research into children's palliative care will inform a research agenda for ICPCN and its partners, in particular those areas which will benefit from regional and international collaboration. It is also hoped that the results will be used in advocating for funds for research into children's palliative care.

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