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Poster Numbers 1 to 29 – Palliative care: all conditions and all ages: Poster No: 9
The experiences and expectations of south asian mothers with a life-limited child
  1. Erica Brown
  1. Coventry University, Coventry, UK


It is estimated that South Asian communities make up approximately 6% of the population of the UK (2011) and the numbers are increasing. There is sometimes an assumption that the needs of families from Black and minority ethnic groups are met by resources within their own communities (Brown, Gatrad and Sheikh, 2008) but, although they do not often come forward for help, their needs may not be met as they struggle with little support. Therefore, the need to provide accessible and appropriate palliative care to minority ethnic groups is seen as a significant service development priority. During the last decade, a number of studies have brought to light the needs of life-limited children and their families (Brown, 2008). However, while there is a growing amount of research to ascertain the psychosocial needs of families with a life-limited child, scant attention has been paid to cultural care (Brown, (2008), Irish, Linguist and Nelson (1999). Recent research in partnership with Acorns Children's Hospices set out to determine the experiences and expectations of South Asian mothers around the time their child or young person was diagnosed as having a life-limiting illness. The findings of the research suggests that the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness may well be a watershed between two different lifestyles – the prediagnostic life and postdiagnostic life when parents feel that the future is unknown and everything is at the mercy of their child's illness. The situation often renders mothers in an extreme state of anxiety. Supported by narrative from interviews, the presentation outlines: South Asian mothers personal experience including the impact of their child's diagnosis. Mothers' perspectives on family and community support. Mothers' perceptions of professional attitudes (including hospital consultants) Mothers' experience of the support provided by three children's hospices.

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