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Art as tool and reflection of PC professionals' own espirituality
  1. Teresa García-Baquero Merino and
  2. Belen Martinez Cruz
  1. Coordinación Regional de Cuidados Paliativos, Consejería de Sanidad, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain


Background Frida Kahlo was able to showcase her suffering through her work, oil paints, many of which self-portraits. Her pain allowed her to express her emotions too. Unhappiness, suffering, as well as joy and life's natural discourse strengthens artists' spirit giving way to their best works (Van Gogh, Beethoven, Frida Kahlo, Cervantes, etc). Does unhappiness generate art? Art therapy uses artistic expression as a vehicle to improve social, physical, emotional and personal dimensions.

Aim To establish whether palliative care professionals feel the need to express emotions surfacing from professional activities, To establish the means used To know how they were helped by them.

Method A questionnaire was designed and sent to different care levels PC teams. Descriptive study to analyse results PC professionals need a way to express their feelings and emotions and if so, how they go about it. Permission was sought from all respondents to use their responses.

Results A total of 44 professionals responded (out of) 81.8% females and18.2 males, 79.5% chose their current job and 20.5% did not 93% had experienced the need to express their emotions brought about by professionals experiences. 75% expressed them verbally at work, 54% outside work and l 27% through art including painting, poetry, narrative and music. Of those who used art to express themselves: 19.5% were able to enter a creative process, 9.8% to reflect, 4.9% and 100% to Explore and pay better attention to own ideas and feelings.

Conclusions (1) It is worth therefore to help PC professionals to express their inner me/self. (2) Organise workshops directed to gain insight into relationships with their own emotions. (3) Art can help PC professionals express their own spirituality and find solace.

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