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Posters Abstracts - Review and critique of public policy or legislative approach that supports or hinders advance care planning
Values and the advance care planning framework in New Zealand
  1. H.Y. Chan1
  1. 1University of Otago, Dunedin


New Zealand (NZ) is in the early stages of introducing and implementing ACP to the public. There is growing awareness of the values of ACP and the NZ Ministry of Health recently published two guides – one for the healthcare workforce (modelled after the UK ACP: Guide for health and social care staff) and another for the public/consumers.

This presentation explores whether the new policy framework supports or hinders ACP measures within a pluralistic society. It adds to the policy debate on key components essential in ACP policy framework for countries that are at the early stages of rolling out ACP programmes.

The content and scope of the NZ sample care plans and the Guide is analysed and compared against the UK model. The early observation emerging from this review highlights supportive elements crucial to a positive ACP measure. A supportive framework places a premium on personal values in the ACP process. This distinctive recognition is crucial within a multicultural setting, as recognising what matters to people and seeking to incorporate them in care plans means keeping the person at the centre of care. Requiring doctors' involvement in discussing care planning options encourages informed choices and in the long run, cements the trust between doctors and patients.

This presentation draws on preliminary findings from work in progress exploring how elements in an ACP framework contribute to a supportive end-of-life care measures. It informs policy knowledge on distinctive framework which can be replicated in other countries intending to establish ACP programmes.

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