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Posters Abstracts - “Best Practice” Programs to Train Professionals to Facilitate the Planning Process with Different Populations or for Different Types of Decisions
A survey of advance care planning in care homes following the GSF care homes training
  1. Margaret Stobbart-Rowlands1,
  2. Keri Thomas1 and
  3. Lucy Giles1
  1. 1The Gold Standards Framework Centre Cic


Advance Care Planning has been introduced as an integral part of The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Care Homes Training Programme in end of life care to over 2000 care homes in the UK over the last 7 years. The standard for GSF accreditation that they have to attain is that “every resident is offered an ACP discussion”. The GSFCH training programme is a comprehensive phased programme which includes many aspects of end of life care, with over 2000 trained care homes and 300 care homes having attained full accreditation. A feedback survey of accredited homes was undertaken in 2010 and showed:-

  • An increase from minimal use of ACP in care homes to over 90% residents included.

  • Advance Care Planning contributed to an increase in home deaths from 68% to 98%

  • Improved communication skills, and contributed to a culture of openness and realisation.

Overall, there was very positive feedback as to the value of ACP and few reported difficulties. This has contributed to overall improvements in care and a reduction in inappropriate hospital admissions.

Prior to The GSFCH Training Programmes, Advance Care Planning in Care Homes was not widespread; it has helped to empower both residents and staff.

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