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Oral Abstracts - Community Engagement
California POLST education program
  1. J Hatchett1 and
  2. C Evans1
  1. 1Coalition For Compassionate Care Of California


The California POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) Education Program includes 7 integrated teaching modules designed to educate healthcare providers about POLST and the POLST Conversation. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to include an introduction to the Advance Health Care Directive and POLST as well as role plays, case studies, and other interactive tools to teach the POLST Conversation. The program was developed to support consistent, comprehensive discussions with patients and families. Since providing basic comfort measures is a foundation of POLST, we include a module “Honouring Wishes for Comfort”. The curriculum provides flexibility to teach programs ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours or longer, taught in a variety of settings to audiences including both healthcare providers and community members. Group discussion and interactive exercises are highlights of the program. The program incorporates 4 C’s: The POLST Conversation, a Consistent form, Comprehensive education and Community collaboration. Since May 2009, over 500 healthcare providers have attended the 2-day POLST Train the Trainer Program learning how to effectively teach the 7 modules. The California POLST Education Program has expanded POLST education throughout the state promoting both group and individual learning and the ability to teach others. This dynamic material improves conversational skills for providers caring for seriously ill adult and paediatric patients and families, and facilitates informed, collaborative decision making. In addition, it is expanding POLST usage through building community coalitions and integrating POLST into community standards of care.

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