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Oncology palliative care: access barriers: bibliometric study


Objective To perform a bibliometric analysis of studies that evaluated the barriers to access to cancer palliative care (PC).

Methods This was a bibliometric review using MEDLINE; EMBASE; Web Of Science; LILACS and the Cochrane Library. A search was conducted with the terms Barriers, Palliative Care and Cancer. Articles whose objectives targeted barriers to access to PC were considered, regardless of the year of publication. The setting is articles published from 1987 to 2020.

Results A total of 6158 articles were identified, of which 217 were eligible for analysis. The USA and UK being the countries with the largest number of articles on the subject (n=101, n=18, respectively). After expert analysis, the barriers were grouped into nine categories.

Conclusions Barriers related to symptom control were identified in 19% of the eligible articles, along with barriers related to health, which with 24% of occurrence in the articles, were the most frequently cited barriers. Countries which have implemented PC for some time were those with the greatest number of publications and in journals with the highest impact factors. Cross-sectional study design continues to be the most frequently used in publications.

  • cancer
  • supportive care

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