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Severe pain from shingles: a hydrocolloid dressing helps


Objective This case report presents an uncommon case of hydrocolloid dressing efficacy in pain control in herpes zoster reactivation with vast epidermis damage.

Methods It is an instructive tale presenting the application of hydrocolloid dressing in a ripe old age woman with locally advanced breast cancer suffering from the fourth shingles reactivation.

Results The application of hydrocolloid dressing led to the rapid improvement of pain control (Visual Analogue Scale decreased from 9/10 to 4/10). It also improved the quality of life and promoted the rapid healing of damaged skin.

Conclusion In light of the described case, the application of hydrocolloid dressing could be considered in patients suffering from severe neuropathic pain in shingles, especially in severe cases. Further clinical studies are recommended.

  • pain
  • neurological conditions
  • symptoms and symptom management
  • quality of life
  • hospice care

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