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Midodrine in end-stage heart failure


It is estimated that 5% of patients with heart failure (HF) will progress to end-stage disease refractory to medical therapy and might require prolonged hospitalisation with inotropic support. We present the case of a patient with end-stage HF who was admitted with cardiogenic shock. During his hospitalisation, he required prolonged intravenous vasopressor therapy due to refractory hypotension. He did not qualify for heart transplantation or left ventricular-assist device strategies. Midodrine was started as a last resort attempt to wean off vasopressors. After 5 days of therapy, the patient was weaned entirely off vasopressors and was discharged home for hospice care. By the time of discharge, he was tolerating low-dose carvedilol along with midodrine. We propose midodrine as a reasonable alternative for patients with end-stage HF with reduced ejection fraction and refractory hypotension, who are dependent on intravenous vasoactive drugs and are not candidates for advanced HF therapies.

  • heart failure
  • end of life care
  • hospice care
  • hospital care

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