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P-224 Transforming innovation to income generation
  1. Gemma Allen1,2,
  2. Jed Jerwood2,3 and
  3. Claire Towns1,2
  1. 1The Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge, UK
  2. 2No Barriers Here, UK
  3. 3Institute of Clinical Sciences – University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK


Background With nearly 96% of hospices forecasting a deficit budget over the current financial year the monetary burden for hospices is rising (Hospice UK. Hospices facing mounting cost pressures [Internet]; 2023 March 28). With significant national pressure on the sector, the hospice wanted to ensure future sustainability of its No Barriers Here programme beyond grant-funding and shift innovation to income generation.

Aim Develop a multi-professional facilitator training programme. Ensure No Barriers Here ( was protected from replication without permission or training (Allen, Jerwood and Towns. No Barriers Here© Facilitator Training Pack. 2021). Generate a new hospice income stream.

Methodology A facilitator education programme was developed and launched March 2022. Key considerations were the flexibility in delivery, offering place-based training and encouraging system-wide collaboration. The training is available onsite and off, with UK-wide delivery for commissioned programmes. The development of a No Barriers Here website, social media, and community of practice.

Results 120 people attended the education between March 2022 and April 2023: with further dates throughout 2023. The training has evaluated exceptionally well with feedback analysed through evaluations. 100% of training delegates agree that the programme is relevant. 95% feel confident using the methodology. Recruitment of a wider team to meet the identified training need and support the continued programme and associated projects.

This has been the most enjoyable training day I’ve attended in a long time. I’ve a real view on the subject and can’t wait to roll it out in Somerset!”

Conclusion From an innovative project the hospice now has a well-established national programme of delivery, including uniquely branded training, research, and projects. To support sustainability and income generation, a separate website to the hospice platform has enhanced the value, brand and benefits of the overall programme and the training continues to gain national momentum embedding the model in other hospice and healthcare settings.

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