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P-218 A collaborative chief executive office
  1. Sharon Batty and
  2. Lindsay Hamer
  1. The Prince of Wales Hospice, Pontefract, UK


On the resignation of the Chief Executive, and in agreement with the hospice Senior Management Team, the Board took the decision to introduce a new and dynamic leadership structure. The Collaborative Chief Executive Office (CCEO) sees each member of the team retaining their directorate accountability and taking a shared responsibility for operational management alongside progressing the Board’s strategic ambitions.


  • To be a truly collaborative organisation in how we work internally and how we collaborate across the wider health and care system.

  • To shape our future direction with an inclusive, engaged, safe and high performing culture.

  • To further our agile and innovative culture.

  • To ensure we always have the right people in the right rooms at the right time – matching internal expertise to external meetings. Sharing these responsibilities ensures someone always attends essential external meetings.

  • To maintain existing stability across the organisation.

  • To have the financial resource, through the removal of the CCEO post from the structure, to invest in service provision and organisational support roles.

Key results Under the new structure, the increased agility of the senior team has led to great achievements:

  • Investing in our infrastructure and ways of working: developing our middle managers; improving our internal processes; strengthening our IT capability and embedding a ‘fail fast’ culture for innovation.

  • Strengthening of our relationship with the ICP and ICB resulting in strong and supportive relationships and additional NHS funding.

  • Embedding an agile and innovative culture in line with our hospice values.

  • Developing and improving services to patients and increasing accessibility.

  • Increasing the number of patients accessing services by ensuring the right care in the right place.

Conclusions The end of the 2022–23 financial year position speak volumes – we have made a significant financial surplus, increased inpatient numbers and launched a new Wellbeing Service.

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