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P-213 Volunteering – ‘The big give back’; the landscape is changing
  1. Jacqueline Hall and
  2. Katy Brearley
  1. St Andrew’s Hospice, Grimsby, UK


Background Not too dissimilar to the ‘Great Re-Engagement’ faced by employers nationally, since emerging from the pandemic, we have clearly recognised the need to re-engage our focus in supporting the recruitment and retention of our volunteers. As a hospice, we recognised that there has never been a more relevant time to ‘blue sky’ think, in providing a progressive strategy that visibly gives back to our volunteer community and, also capitalises on the legacy of ‘The Big Help Out’ introduced by King Charles III.

We have recognised through developing this project that there are specific barriers and complexities affecting why and how people volunteer. By introducing ‘The Great Give Back’ our ambition and commitment is to not only address these issues, but also to future-proof and safeguard our community of volunteers, who are vital to the hospice and its work.

Aim(s) We believe ‘The Great Give Back’ strategy will aim to secure the long-term future and stability of our volunteers. This forward-thinking project will deliver a different perspective, by offering a range of support and wellbeing, enhancing the overall experience and nurturing a true community of volunteers.

Methods April 2022 – March 2023, Volunteer Survey and Skills Audit undertaken, Volunteer Task and Finish Group established, benchmarked through accreditations, developed links with community agencies, developed a recovery plan formulating the need for ‘The Big Give Back’, embedding the project at senior management level, capturing information on our volunteer management reporting, developed and now implementing a Volunteer Recruitment Strategy and standardised mandatory training.

Results Although the project implementation is ongoing, progress has been made, identified through our recent Volunteer Survey highlighting:

  • Proud to be a volunteer 99%.

  • Feel valued and respected 99%.

  • Feel they make a difference 98%.

Moving forward the project will become part of our cultural and operational constant, leading to significant improvements and growth in our volunteer experience.

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